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Pac Man 4k Debro Final version


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I realized last night that the version of Debro's Pac Man 4k I have on my Harmony cart is not the final version that's available on the cartridge. There's no intro music in the one I have and it does not seem to move as fast. I was driving myself nuts searching around for the final build, but the newest one I found was from 2009 I believe. Is the final version not available for download anywhere? I want to know if I have to purchase the cart from the store if I want to best version of it. If it is out there, can someone point me towards a link?


I'd love to have it on the Harmony along with DINTAR816's 4k and 8k if that's possible.

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I'm referring to the rom that's in the cartridge that is for sale in the store. I'm using the video on the store page for it and reviews of the cart on Youtube as point of comparison to the version I have on the Harmony. Three things I know right off the bat are that there is no intro music when I start the game, Pac Man moves slower overall, and he does not move faster when going up and down vs left and right.


If someone can provide a link, that would be great. If Dennis only wanted the finished game to be available for purchase from the store, that's also fine. I would like to be able to play the same game on the Harmony that people who bought the cart can play, if that's an option.


I've found several builds of it on AA alone, but they were all earlier than 2012 when the game was officially released.


EDIT: I think I found the most complete rom available. It's just missing the intro music which must have been added for the AA cart. Debro posted it here:



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Hi there,


I posted the source to the 1.2 release (the one in the AA store) back in 2014. I didn't realize it was so long ago. Here is a link.






Thanks DEBRO! This is my most played game on the Harmony, I love it. It is brutally difficult, but such a joy. Thanks for all your work.

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