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retroquotes.com to find and evaluate retrogaming prices on ebay

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VGPC is inaccurate as all get out though, awful really especially since retail stores love to use that garbage without thinking.


Can your site fix up the problems they have?

- Site does not account for condition

- Site does not account for game+manual (or some derivative short of complete)

- Site does not account for manual only, box only, poster only type listings


All this crap gets bottled up in anything outside of NEW which still again doesn't account for condition. Often you find some game that shows up as a $30 title on that lousy site, but it will sell all day on ebay for $20 as the true average like for like. VGPC sucks unless you click into each listing and verify the quality if ebay hasn't removed the history yet. If someone can create a site that fixes those problems it will be highly useful. Even JJgames (who is VGPC) admits these issues years ago with posts back on NintendoAge when it came up.



Also would be helpful not just being in euros.

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