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Color Issues recording 2600.


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So I have a slight issue with my 2600. I don't have a modded unit to RF is the best I can do. However I've got the following setup going on. I run the RF into a VCR which can demodulate the signal, and output it over S-Video. From there I feed it into my upscaler, which does a rather nice job up-scaling the 240p graphics. They are a bit fuzzy, and sure there's a lot of noise in the image.


However the biggest issue that bothers me is color. There appears to be what people are calling a chroma delay, or chroma shift. Colors appear to drag to the right. Red more than anything. Is there any way to compensate for this either in hardware, or just as well I could correct for it in software(i want to record it basically to my PC for YouTube). Does anyone know a free utility or feature in Sony Vegas(thats the software i use) than can solve this Chroma Delay issue?

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There is the internal TV tuner with Open Broadcaster Software method or recording gameplay footage onto a DVD recorder that supports RF analog signals and ripping them to your PC method.

I posted something about it here:





PS: Hauppauge seems to have hardware that still supports RF analog signals.


And as for the Chroma and Color problem that could easily be done with video editing.

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