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Interest Check: Upgrade to play 2600 games with 5200 Trak-Ball


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I have developed an "upgrade" kit to allow playing 2600 trackball games with a 5200 Trak-Ball.


The process just adds another cable to the controller and uses another "configuration cable" to link the original 15 pin cable with the new cable. Terminates in a 9 pin that plugs into a 2600 controller port. No permanent modifications are made to the trackball. Everything is 100% reversible.


Works with the slate of 2600 games recently hacked to support actual trackball controllers.


Following the success of one kit being installed by an end user, I'm just wondering if it's worth the effort to order in parts to make a few of these.


PM me with inquiries.

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I discovered that I have confused someone by not mentioning a specific detail:


This "mod" does not turn the CX53 into a "2600 trackball". It gives you the option to use the CX53 with the 2600, but you can still use it on the 5200. You just have to unplug the external adapter cable and plug the Trak-Ball into the 5200 in the normal manner.


(You could also use it to play 2600 games on the 7800, but the 7800 won't be able to distinguish the two fire buttons individually. If any 7800 specific trackball games show up that use the two buttons separately, I'll look at building an adapter that includes the additional active circuitry to support that.)

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