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Ever wanted to use the Jag pad on your computer?


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Never thought about it until now, but will especially appeal to those that emulate the Jaguar on their PC.

Thought it strange when I first saw Jag pad to Atari DB9 adapters. And guess they still don't even allow for 2-button operation for Omega Race and some of these newer homebrews and hacks. Can even see using a Jaguar pad on the 7800, so long as you got 2-button support out of it. But until that happens, don't really see the point of using a Jag pad on other Atari systems.

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Oh dear God, no.


One of the best things about emulation is being able to use a 360 controller instead of the Jagpad! (Or any of the other, lets face it, pretty terrible original controllers for these systems)

I've never felt any vitriol towards the Jaguar controller. From the moment I first held one, I've always found them comfy to hold (unlike a pantsful of other controllers I can think of) and it works about as well as any 8-way D-pad.

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Well now you can!



Some other cool adapters on this page - 3DO to USB adapter, SNES to playstation adapter, etc. Vextrex controller to USB... interesting combinations ;)


Yeah, I bought four of them right after release. Can't play games on the PC any other way now :P

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That would be cool. Jag pads are one of the best (pro pad is the best IMO) pre analog controllers out there. Especially the ergonomics. I'd use it for darn near any pre analog console emulator, and lots of simpler modern games (ones that don't require analog obviously)

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