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NES tv for trade


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I figure this will be a long shot but I figure I'd start now. I'll be home again in April and since I'm always looking for atari 8 bit carts I don't own I figure I'd throw up my extra nes tv. It works but the color is off a little, has 3 feet and missing the doors which is common on these things.


Looking for atari 8 bit carts that are rarer and harder to come by. Which is the reason I'm offering this on here than on nintendo age. Figure this would be the best chance to trade for what I'm after. Feel free to message me if you like

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I used to own one of these. If you're really big into Nintendo and want to have that true mono sound experience along with a shifted color palette that from memory appears more like the colors you saw in old Nintendo Power magazine which feels a little more authentic than your usual TV for TV sake it's a solid grab. It's just a stock RCA tv on top which has the base with a standard NES deck within it and a couple wires running between the two separate boxes (it and TV) to run the signal straight to it. It's a cleaner image than you get from RF and even the RCA cable since the middle man interference is cut out. I only let mine go as I just stopped using it and the audio was starting to buzz and trying to find someone to fix it or get the parts needed to correct it wasn't for me (and I had been the 2nd owner, the original was a retired marine who stored it most its life and never had kids) so it was complete with doors, feet, 2 controls and the remote control for it too. It's a real white whale of a thing to get as a Nintendo owner if you're looking for that true stand out item that wasn't just store display merchandise (for the most part as some stores did use them as demo kiosks on the glass counter by the register.)

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