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Vita... mod or not?


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It seems my Vita has the right firmware for the Henkaku modification which allows for home-brew and emulators. I only dug it out of the "museum" because a PS4 arrived for Christmas, so I seek your opinions. Will I have more fun allowing the firmware update that will let me use the Vita with the PS4 (and cutting off access to Henkaku) or should I leave it as-is so that I can run homebrew games?


I'm not sure of the value of running emulators on the Vita since Android and so many other devices can do that, but some of the game conversions and homebrew like Wolfenstein 3D seem interesting. I'm not clear on how much of a hassle it is to transfer "unsigned code" to the Vita and whether it is so cumbersome as to not be worth the trouble?


I'm also enough of a PS4 newbie that I don't know how useful it is to connect the Vita to the PS4... is screen mirroring the only benefit or am I missing some killer app for this?

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The Wolfenstein game can display the map, health, and ammo on the Vita. The same game allows voice controls too to switch to a particular weapon, show map, and reload your currently equipped gun.


Tearaway Unfolded lets you use the Vita's camera to take pictures to use as patterns. More info here: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/tearaway-ps4s-second-screen-functionality-explaine/1100-6429379/


There's a few other games that have a second screen option you can search and see if any interest you. I personally use remote play more.

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