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Archon Collection Cartridge for C64


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With the DDI Telengard Cart completed and shipped, and batch 2 on the way, It is time to unveil our next project: Archon The Collection

This cart contains Archon 1 and 2 as well as fan made Archon 3: Exciter (and a few other strategy games)

Once again it features excellent artwork, professional packaging and maybe even a few extras!

The first two pics are black and white test pics of cover fitment, the final Artwork will be printed in full color as seen in the third screenshot.

32082984865_b9bf8c5a22.jpgimage by markgladson, on Flickr

31707505400_838195d988.jpgimage by markgladson, on Flickr

32043995816_f352703c3e.jpgimage by markgladson, on Flickr

Please express interest in this thread, I will keep a running list. I expect it to be ready in a few weeks, PCBs are on the way.

Also, for any future orders, you may receive a 5% discount and combined shipping if you order more than one item.

I will give everyone who previously ordered a Telengard cart the 5% discount as well.

This will apply to all my cart releases (including DDI telengard batch 2, Freeload, and eventually, the VIC-IEEE cart)

The cost is same as telengard cart. $45 for USA or $40 plus quoted shipping to the rest of the world!

Thank you!



retrogmr PAID SHIPPED!



iamstarryeyed PAID SHIPPED!

Davidcalgary29 PAID SHIPPED!
BillLoguidice PAID SHIPPED!

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I am nearing the capacity for this run and will be closing orders next week. I anticipate 3 weeks for everything to arrive and assembly to be completed. I am going to send each of you a PM with total (if you ordered both witht he 5% discount applied and a shipping discount)


I am asking for prepayment to secure your place in line. As you can can see from my first Telengard run, I deliver a quality product on time.


Thank you all for your support!

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I am going to close orders for this batch at 11:59 pm EST tonight If you do not see your name on the list in the first post, please let me know.

All parts are in except the cartridge cases, which will be here next week.

That means we are about 2 weeks from shipping (I have soem soldering to do)

I will be sending payment instructions later this evening.

Thank you all for your support!

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