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Going through all my floppies


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I started going through all my floppies from back in the day. There are a LOT. Over 300 disks, and almost all of them are 2-sided "flippies" with about 4-5 games on each side.


I've gone through about half of them so far. I have been pleasantly surprised that all of them have read perfectly so far. No issues.


As I have been going through them all and archiving them to my PC as ATR files, I have been doing searches on the games on a few online game data base sites ( atarionline.pl, atari.vjetnam.cz, atarmania.com ) and I have to say that I am pretty impressed at how much is already posted online in tese databases! After going through almost 2000 games i have only run across a handful that don't seem to be readily available on those databases. That's pretty cool to see that so much is so easily accessible.


That said, I thought I'd post the few that SEEMED to be a bit more obscure. I am not saying they are necessarily obscure, but at least I didn't see them in those three databases I mentioned about.


These include:

- Speedbirds

- Labyrinth of Kamerra


The ATR also has Thrax Liar because initially I wasn't finding it on the databases, but I see that it is there now. Cool game though anyway.



I will keep posting more if I run across others that don't seem to be readily available on those big databases.


If you have interest in any of the files I am archiving ( i am making ATR's out of them all for my personal archive ) let me know.




Edit: I see now that Labyrinths of Kamerra is also "out there" already. No surprise. Still not seeing Speedbirds anywhere so hopefully that one is "new" to some of you. :)




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I have been doing something similar over the last 2 weeks. I have been taking the games off of disk and putting them on a HD Partition. Then testing what will load them. I have a 320XE with 3 OSs, Ultra Speed (most used), Standard XL/XE and FixXL. I start testing with 3 sector load menu program under Ultra speed OS. If that fails, I try FixXL. If it fails there, I try Ultra Speed OS and load with Sparta X (X <game name>). You would be shocked at how many load this way after the first 2 tests fail. But if that does fail, I dump them in a "nowork" folder and will try something else later.


It is amazing that I have only tossed 6-7 disks in the trash out of approximately 150 disks. Well, only one was truly bad, the rest were single sided and would not format the other side. I have no use for single sided disks when I have well over 3,000 floppies.

Really ancient stuff. If you find anything with crack-intros please let me know :)

I have seen some cracked intros in my escapades. I will go back through and identify them.

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Actually, quite a few. What specifically are you interested in ?

Do you mean any game with a hacked intro ?


Well quite all cracks as I am planning to build a CrackDB for the 8bit sorted after groups/crackers... but esp. I am after

the ones with neat crack-intros... Fujiology (my own archive) is the only archive covering these things yet and Demozoo

is the graphical frontend: https://demozoo.org/productions/?platform=16&production_type=13

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