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Pixels for the Atari Flashback Portable Console


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You're caught in a combination of old video games - Berzerk, Pacman and Breakout in Mario world!


Stay alive and strive for a high score before the timer runs out! Can you save the virtual world?


I've added Flashback portable compatiblity, game plays well with two minor bugs:


1. You always start out with the fast ball and the slow ball, in Stella and the older consoles the very first play starts out with the slow ball, but subsequent restarts have both at once (relying on pre-initialized memory...)


2. The score is somewhat garbled, lazywriter paints it clearly on Stella and the older consoles - I'll look into fixing that at some point :)



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FYI - does not work with Stella 4.0. The man in the center of the screen is caught inside the wall and it loops over and over until the game ends.

It works ok in Stella 4.7.1, I'm not sure about 4.0.


I wonder if you could be referring to the end game sequence where your character is pinned and it loops over and over again showing a 000 score until reset is pressed to start another game?


If you win the game (stay alive for about 10 minutes) that end sequence is much longer before it loops, and the other characters interact to progressively change the board.

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How soon until Atari 2600 cartridges are available at retail stores and hobby chains like Kay-Bee again? :)


The Cartridges for the portable console will also work in full size consoles with the Harmony cartridge port adaptor.


And because of the foresight to equip all modern computers with Atari 2600 portable console catridge ports, they can be used with Stella, Z26 and Javatari too!









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