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atari2600land's Blog - Celery song.


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So i guess I wasn't done with the celery game after all. I decided to write a song for the game. I put it in there. It's in the key of B. I also found a spot where if the conditions are correct, you could just not move and have the game keep going. So in order to avoid this, I made the celery and vegetarians have slight up or down movements as well. This took a long time to determine when to stop the moving up or down because if I didn't stop it, it would just disappear off the screen and another thing would take its place without the score increasing. So essentially I worked all day on this yesterday, pausing to take a look at the snow that was coming down. When it stopped we had 2 or so inches. I had some other snow in December, so I am sick of winter. It's been a bad one if you hate snow. I heard there's snow in 47 out of 48 states right now. Not really enough to make a 47 reference because there's probably snow in Alaska right now. So anyway, now that I have 37 bytes left in the 2k game, I think now is a perfect time to call it done, that is, unless bugs are found.

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