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The lack of interest in creating levels for Slide Tilt Roll has put a serious black cloud over my plans to release it. Seeking some inspiration, I started watching the Extra Credits "Making Your First Game" YouTube series But after watching the first two I started to think - what was my first game?

Yes, I created Skeleton / Skeleton+, but I'm talking about before that - 'way before that.

I know I did a few games for the Color Computer back in the 80s - I distinctly remember a simple racing game. (Probably done in Basic - it used text mode graphics for easy scrolling.)

But before that I was programming on the Apple ][ series. I remember doing a simple hi-res graphics editor (in Applesoft Basic). But I can't think of creating any games. (Played lots, of course...) I suspect it's because I didn't have an A2 at home (the CoCo was my first real home computer) - I only got to use the school A2s at lunch time. So while I had Applesoft Basic memorized, I just didn't have the time to experiment. (I created the graphic editor to clean up game screen captures.)

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