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Machine language- Help

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Hello :)

I have a basic program (stac130.bas). Please, take a look:




This bas file is a copier (XEX/EXE -> CAS file)


Please, take a look:


This is the cas file generated:






Well, I want to modify the stac130.bas file. I want to change some texts, sizes and location (the color is ok). I want this:




I mean, I want to generate this kind of cas files:






Well, the stac130.bas file has machine language and my knowledge is very poor.


Please, help!



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ok, you have to start understanding how the screen is designed, for this in the debugging mode of the altirra we write .dumpdlist

  0704: x7   blank 8
  070B:      mode 2 @ 071F
  070E: x4   mode 2
  0712:      blank 8
  0713:      mode 6
  0714:      blank 8
  0715: x3   mode 2
  0718: x2   blank 8
  071A: x2   mode 2
  071C:      waitvbl 0704

This listing does not make any sense if you do not read this DL article :-D



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