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FS: the "a lot of miscellaneous stuff" LOT! | NEW - Classic Macintosh Stuff

Mark Wolfe

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New LOT o' Stuff...


Update: unearthed more boxes revealing a few similarly sized Performa desktops with internal CD ?

Stay tuned for photos and details on them. They are thicker so therefore heavier. Probably won't fit in the same box as the shorter ones.



Today we're going back to the halcyon days of Apple


I have more than one of many of these;



(Black & White built in monitors)

Mac Plus

Mac SE

Mac Classic


Pics of the Mac Classic Booting like its 1990 ?


This thing is 16.1 pounds without keyboard or mouse

I found a snug box from Amazon that is 14x12.5x9.5

I think snug is better for this . One layer of bubble wrap and a piece of thick foam over the screen should do nicely

Keyboard, mouse & whatever I figure out for networking will fit in a separate box

This may be a situation where you need a floppy drive that can read and write Mac floppies.

I need to research that end of it


Small form factor desktops in color output with CD-ROM

Capability, internal hard drives with OS7xx or OS8xx:


LC (II & III I think)


Performa (various, some with internal CD & Floppy)


These small form factor Macs can be shipped in a Regional Rate Type C box

For between $8.75 to $18.75 depending on where in the US you are


They require monitor adaptors of which I have a few to dole out with these Packages as well as special networking hardware dongles. Some of these have Ethernet . First come, first serve on those.


I've posted screen shots of specs for these Macs here




27 (possibly more) "Mac Addict" magazine CD-ROMs

These are full of free utils, apps and games along with other stuff


Official KINKO's Computer Department Software Install Disks

These are the official disks all Technolog Managers (of which I was one) used to do a clean install on our Power Macs that we rented out. Full Adobe, Office & ofher apps for mod to late 90s OS9xx Power Macs



Don't ask questions yet until I have a chance to research, test & update. More photos & details will come at any time so if you want to be first In line, subscribe to this thread





Photos from last LOT are here in case anyone wants to buy stuff from HyperBoy until he can make his own thread . PM him for details. He will have this stuff in a couple days as it is packed and labeled, & out for pickup from USPS






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Big shout out to Hyperboy who scooped up this deal within a minute of it being updated with photos and price


It paid for my cat's pain meds ($25) and special food we had to get for him. He apparently has lymphoma which is a common thing for elderly cats. He's eating and feeling better but it doesn't look good. I just want him to be comfortable until he isn't anymore and then we will say goodbye ... I suppose he could pull through if he gains some weight and the diagnosis for cancer is wrong ... he hasn't been scanned or x-rayed, just a blood test that came back with very high white cell count.


Anyway thanks a lot


I will have more "lots" coming and I will post them in the same way I did here with an an announcement and then later adding photos and price so if you see my threads just subscribe so you get alerts when I post and you might be able to scoop up the next lot that I put up


I currently have a Sega Masyer System deal up for grabs, a rare gameboy game and of course modded Xboxes


The master system is listed on eBay for a real auction starting at $1 so if someone does not grab it here by the end of the week it will go to the highest bidder


Cheers !

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Haha, I honestly didn't think it would go that fast bro lol


I've tried to sell some of this stuff separately here last year or longer ago and no one grabbed any of it. But I guess it's all about timing


I have more to come to get rid of clutter in my basement


Any interest out there in classic Mac stuff ? I have Some 90s Mac desktops, keyboards, mice, hard drives with OS7x, OS8x & OS9, Mac networking cables and a bunch of Mac games on original discs, some of which are multi player like "Armor Alley" where if you have a Mac with floppy drive running OS8 or lower you can network them with a regular phone plug wire (using special adaptors I have) and play head to head


Also have Mac SE and Mac Plus type computers that we used to use for head to head gaming.


Shipping would be the biggest issue with these , very flexible on price

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Dammit! No fair posting this stuff in the wee hours of the morning, before normal human beings have a chance to read the latest AA threads. [emoji38]

Like I said to Mark, it's one advantage of starting work at 0530 :)


If there is something specific in the lot you are looking for pm me, I am going to donate profit to Mark towards his kitty bills!





Sent from my non beer holding hand.

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@ http://atariage.com/forums/user/3314-emehr/


I will update this thread with classic Mac info sometime today or tomorrow

I'll use this same thread. My time is limited, I have to get out to a few errands today but I will follow up with a list of items first, then photos and prices w/ shipping weight & dimensions



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I am interested in the Mac stuff!


PS - I hope your cat is able to live comfortably. Guys who like cats are a special breed! Not too many of us exist (vs guys who like dogs).

I remember the vet bills and meds from my prior cat Lonnie, he was with me for about 15 years. Anyway, all my best.

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Small software update


No games listed yet although I know I have retail floppies and the manual for Armor Alley


I Probably have a shoebox of retail floppies and a large box of CD-R

I was an avid Mac user and had Usenet access the entire time. I have everything

Not too interested in selling just software but will bundle it in with hardware sales


If any retail software is left over i will list that for separate sale

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I would probably do a computer plus software - it's just the shipping from PA to CA is a killer! I have a few VGA adapters laying around somewhere so hooking up to a monitor is good on my end. I prefer OS 8.5/8.6 over 9.2 for software/gaming purposes. I will always have fondness for pre-OSX MAC!

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Yeah man no OSX or Intel in this thread lol


I'm with ya on that


So let me see what I can do with one of the small form factor desktops . I'll weigh it so we can check shipping charges and go from there


Do you have the ability/know-how to deal with scsi devices? And do you have an external scsi CD-ROM drive?


I have them, it will be the best way to transfer software to the Mac. Luckily Macs have always been able to read PC formatted CD-R so if you can burn CDs I can upload software, you burn it to CD and install to internal HDD ?


I'll try to get something together by tomorrow, I'll report back here with specs and screenshots asap


For anyone reading, I will also fire up the all in one Mac Classic and take some shots of that. Need to find the right box to ship it in


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The other way to deal with file transfers of one does not own a Mac already would be to install an app called "Mac Drive" on your PC and get yourself a scsi card & and inexpensive external scsi OR an old school Zip drive


I have a few zip & syquest drives laying around along with tons of old disks for them ... a whopping 100MB !!!! ?

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I think I am a no-go for the SCSI CD-ROM though I have used them in the past. Funny, I see them all the time at thrift stores but I always pass because "what am I going to do with a scsi drive?" Well ha ha on me. I also find the old ZIP drives at the thrift stores from time to time. Again, :what would i do with" ... ;)


I used to have a SUPER drive that could read both standard 1.4 floppies and the SUPER floppies. Good times!

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Good news for the LC/Quadra type Macs pictured above, they fit nicely into a "Priority Mail Regional Rate Box B"


The rate for that box depends on where you are, I believe it would be $18.75 to ship to CA


For those on the East Coast it would only be $8.75


I'll see what I can do about file transferals

I bet we can work out networking on the Mac so that you can connect it to a network fairly easily . I have tons of these network adaptors that fit into the Mac-centric network ports... there's gotta be a way


All these Macs were taken out of schools so the hard drives have the OS and basic software, but to clean them off and add games should be super easy


I'll get this figured out soon and then I'll have a price figured out once I know how many hoops I have to jump through to get them tested and set up to ship so they behave as promised.

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Thanks Mark, $18.75 shipping is doable!


Maybe I can network with my G4 titanium and then transfer to the desktop? i also have a G3 laptop if that works better.


I also have an 8.5 install CD-ROM. I have a few utility discs as well like Stuffit 5.1 and Quiktime 6

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Hell yeah that will work!! If your G3 tower has any open PCI slots I have tons of cards laying around, scsi, video and other. You could also get your G3 to boot into OS8 I believe ... can't quite remember now about that . You could set up a dual boot scenario, I also have all

The software to run a pretty useful WinXP in emulation on a G3 that runs concurrently with OS9 or OSX for cross platform stuff or for shit like softwares password generators for certain things


We will get this rocking for sure

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