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Value of boxed Save our Ship and Nuts Technovision Games


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So - Sorry to be that guy. You know, the guy who joins up, and has his first post being a price check. :/


I'm trying to buy a lot with videogames - There are some items in the lot I want, and other items which will have to be resold to offset the cost of the wanted items.


I stumbled upon two games that I didn't know much about beforehand - Never heard of them actually - And upon researching I only got even more confused.


I have no idea to determine whether manuals are included or not, and condition on Nuts' box seems worn, but Save our Ship seems fairly decent. The only images I have to go by are these - The image with the Atari binders shows SoS lurking in the side.


So - Any idea about current value? All I can find on eBay are Nuts cartridges, nothing on SoS.

Thank you so much for your time and for assistance :)





- Tórður

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