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Atari Home Accounting System from 1982


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Hi together and a happy New Year!


I am searching for:


Atari Home Accounting System; Copyright © 1982 Atari, Inc.


As of 2017 there is still no trace to this package, which is the successor to The Atari Accountant. The main advantage of this package is, that an Atari 815 double disk drive isn't necessary here! Therefore, any help of any kind, even a single trace is very welcome at any time. Please help us. Thank you. :-)




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Hi gozar again,


Have slept a night over it.


So you think:

VisiCalc -> SynCalc

The Atari Word Processor (box CX404) -> Atari Writer

The Atari Accountant (box CX401 to 403) -> The Bookkeeper box CX414? But:


is a stand alone box out of the CX-boxes which are ultra rare...

Home Finance and Atari Personal Finance Management System -> ???


Well, many questions will be left...

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Reading the article it says to me that Atari are announcing a new home accounting system, as in a new package rather than that as the name of the new package, it might as well have said Atari are working on a new shoot em up game that is better than Galaxian, for all the help it was.


My guess like Ryan would be that is is The Bookkeeper.


I have the images for it if you want to play about, unless you have them already..


Edit: Here they are just in case..



Bookkeeper, The (1982)(Atari)(US).zip

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Hi Maclaneinc!


Thannks for republishing the images of The Bookkeeper. I am so sorry, that I couldn't put them on the Wiki, but I really have a bunch work to do.


All the stuff we have is either published on the Wiki already or will be in the future. But they are already digitized. But you are invited an an author, too of course. :-)


The really stuff which is still missing (dead or alive ;-)) is listed here:




When this page comes to zero, a new Atari Age will start. :-)))


Wish you a great time, here, we prepare for winter.... :-)))

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