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Box Art and Release Dates - Which styles came first?


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Apologies if this topic has already been discussed, I've tried going through a few different threads but things got a little confusing.


I'm trying to determine which box art style came first. Take Moon Patrol for instance; There are at least 3 different box art styles for this game - One red, one silver (matching the style of other similar Atari boxes), and a second silver with its own full-cover sized artwork. The release dates are one thing, but then they could be NTSC/PAL boxes which brings in an entirely different question.


Does anyone know the order in which these were released? Thanks in advance!

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Can usually tell by the copyright info on the lower left of the backside, but goes something like this...



1) Silver box w/ large artwork and no international stuff on the back.


post-13896-0-68071500-1484246689_thumb.jpg post-13896-0-66358800-1484246688_thumb.jpg


2) Silver box w/ large art and international stuff on back.




3) Silver(more like grey) box w/ title in thick red band and smaller art.




4) Grey box with black and white art.*




5) Red box/red label re-released titles by the late 80's.


post-13896-0-86497300-1484247992_thumb.jpg post-13896-0-87984400-1484246977_thumb.jpg



*not all games were re-released with grey box/black & white art.


**Could be wrong about this, but do not believe Mario Bros. was ever released in the U.S. in that red box config. Believe that is a late 80's PAL only release. Just showing for illustration purposes. :)

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