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Mystic Castle manual, overlay, & label kit


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Just as I did for Super Pro Baseball, I've created a kit to go along with Intelligentvision's Mystic Castle release. I hadn't planned to do one, but with some inspiration from the1hatman's great box & overlay designs, I decided to forge ahead.


The kit comes with a self-adhesive cartridge label:



The overlays were designed by the1hatman, and as you can see, everything coordinates nicely.



The instruction manual is 12 pages and fully illustrated. Frankly, this is the manual that should have been done for Thunder Castle in 1986.



I'm ready to start accepting orders today and will begin shipping kits out tomorrow. Details are on my Intv Extras page (http://markthompson.us/intellivision). This will be limited to one printing of 80 kits. Super Pro Baseball's first run sold quickly, but I have about 50 of the second run remaining, and then that'll be it for that title. Same $7 price for either kit. I also still have catalogs and a few other things available, too.


As for boxes, I'm sure the1hatman will start a thread when he's ready with his Mystic Castle and Super Pro Baseball creations. Definitely worth waiting for!


Thanks for all your support with these kits.

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Also, thanks for posting the manual here for those that would want to just print themselves. But I got yours as I know they are professionally printed. Nice!


I don't think you can print very well from the preview I posted, but I'll post the manual as a download when the kit sells out.

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Uggh, I hate that I missed this Cart release. What a great game. I did buy the ROM but not sure how I missed the cart. The overlays and manual look great as well as that box.

Are you subscribed to my newsletter?


I did mention the cart release.

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All orders placed before noon today have been shipped and should start arriving on Tuesday (U.S. postal holiday on Monday :( ).


Thanks for the great response. More than 30 orders have gone out already.

How about the ETA on Canadian orders... lol :P Just kidding Mark..


Thanks again

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