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I decided to quit the celery project for the 2600 because nobody was helping and I got angry each time I tried and failed to do something on it. So I decided to actually get that Jaguar cartridge of Rebooteroids. I just wished there was a version that didn't come with a box to help bring the price down. I don't even keep the boxes anyway. I have this big box of empty video game boxes, plus more boxes for certain games just laying around my room. You may say I hate video game boxes that come with used games. Except for CD cases. I won't buy a CD game disc only. I have all my boxes from all my disc games I bought when they were new. Why would people throw them out? I brought my Jaguar out from the garage to see if it survived the multiple snows and below freezing temps. Turned it on. Works fine. I hope to keep this game and avoid another Black-Out debacle. This after the Super Scope I bought. So anyway, I would like to program something for the Jaguar, but after I tried and failed, I don't really have the desire to try again because it was so hard the first time. Even with Raptor Basic. I guess I just have to wait until someone makes a cartridge version of a game and then buy it. I'm not going to pay $500 for a CD add-on for a console I hardly ever play. But I hope to play the Jaguar more because it's cool.

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