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Bringing the 1027 printer back from the dead


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I would be amazed if there are any out there with original print head intact. Possibly those sealed new-in-box that were never actually used?

Nope, not even sealed in box can protect these heads from deteriorating, just ask Best Electronics and B&C...


I'm down for one or two new print heads myself, so mark me down if people are being marked down.

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Thanks for all the positive feedback.


I will start a separate order thread when the contest is over and try to find a more shipping cost friendly solution for oversea orders too.

I have no clue if the Abbuc is interested in distributing the part via its shop (which is IMHO not a bad idea)

Stay tuned...


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Congratulations on this. I knew it was a matter of time, and yes that video sure had the memories flowing back. I too would like to get my 1027 working again. I know my Dad would love to hear it and see it running. I bet he would rather use it to do his writing than his pc, especially with all of the frustrations he has had lately.

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Dammit, Janet! I threw my trusty 1027 away 10 years or so ago when the head flew away. I had heard that Brad (at Best) ditched all his 1027s because there was no hope back then. Now I am gonna have to search and find a replacement. Loved that 1027. I will certainly take a couple of the rubbers when they become available! Thanks for the effort.

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Hello guys


BTW the license plate holders in the picture were also "almost correct". As in "German license plates would have fitted if the plates would have been just a tad smaller". So I had new license plate holders made.


If you are interested please contact Wolfgang (our president).






PS those old license plate holders are very nice for decorating a computer room. :D :D :D

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