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MS2 Mods


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Hi All,


Anyone know anyone in the UK who can do the PAL-NTSC / RGB / pause / power light mod for the Master System 2?


Anyone except Console Passion that is who I have contacted through their site, Facebook and direct email all without reply. Which is a real shame.


I also wonder if it is possible to add a reset switch to the console?


I've asked these questions on SMS Power forum but had no replies.


Many thanks

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All of those mods should be merely wiring buttons on the system. It might be a good time to buy a cheap iron tip for 10£ or so and learn how to do stuff yourself?

The SMS is reather easy to mod; except maybe the RGB mod, I have no idea, SMS II sold here had RGB.


Region mod :


Two solder points. Adding a switch to allow to change between 50 and 60 htz should be easy enough.


The RGB mod :



A bit more complex but still a low level soldering job.



Rest button mod :



Strangely complex for such a simple mod, I guess Sega never planned to have this reset button and wiped out any wiring to connect one.

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