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Hack for VisualbB not saving settings (usually on modern/x64 systems)


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I've had to deal with this problem for years. You get a Windows install that VisualbB just WILL NOT save the darn settings. It really makes me wish those settings were saved in a text file instead of the registry. VisualbB isn't to blame: it's how horrible and breaky the registry is.


Anyhoo, using Cameyo I managed to wrap up whatever registry access VisualbB needs enough to get it to save settings. It's not perfect: when you open or close VBB you'll get an error. THAT'S OK. It actually, really, truly saved the settings anyway. Using Cameyo you can open VbBSettingsHack.exe and see what I did. No Stella, bB or VisualbB files were used for this.



Cameyo is a free application wrapper that virtualizes some of the file system and registry to make apps run regardless of Windows configuration. Some anti-virus products are not up to speed (VBA32) and think there's a trojan. There's not. Jotti multi scan results here: https://virusscan.jotti.org/en-US/filescanjob/99mqw387ne


Install: Drop the VbBSettingsHack.exe into your C:\bB folder. Launch VbBSettingsHack.exe instead of VisualbB.exe


This program assumes a lot. It assumes bB and VisualbB are in the C:\bB folder. It assumes Stella.exe is in the C:\Program Files\Stella directory. It has only been tested on Windows 7 x64. I made it for myself but if someone is in a similar situation I hope it helps.


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