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Best games that work with SIO2PC?


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Forgot to mention Ali Haha and the 40 Theives.


is it an (stock) 16k 400?




donkey kong





invaders etc

Thanks for the recommendations. It has 32k of RAM, and also a custom keyboard (typewriter style), not that that matters, my point is, it's not stock.

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Loading xex files might not need as much memory. Using an ATR the DOS might not have a low enough memlo to run some programs..

I recommend just trying the ones you think you would like to play until you find a game or file that will run and add to your list of known good -----

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Sadly some of the compressed xex / com files out there use a lot of mem / certain mem space to decompress, usually a 64K system is the minimum.


If I were you I'd look in to getting a bigger ram upgrade which will open the doors to loads of games (unintended pun) or use an emulator like Altirra and the same images to see the games without the hassle and cost.


Depends on your idea of using only real hardware or just getting the gaming experience the other way.


Best of luck either way, to semi quote you "the MOAR the merrier" :)

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using the three sector loaders, ape built in loader, or even picodos etc, you may find a great deal of exe(XEX) files will run on your machine. It will be trial and error since most of us haven't messed with the task too much, I think you will be pleasantly surprised don't forget some loaders let you change where they reside to let some software run that otherwise would not. Feel free to let us know your list of what worked or didn't I sure it will prove interesting!

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