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1st column graphic corruption?


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I'm wondering what might be the cause of this sort of character corruption:




It only happens to the 1st column - the remainder of the screen is fine. I suspect it's heat related b/c it takes a minute or two for it to appear from a cold start of the C64. Seems to happen more frequently with the Fastload.


BTW this is a stock C64 with a 1541 Ultimate II.



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Does it still show up bad without any cart or accessories? Like other said, dirty or bad contact or bad solder in the port could be the issue if the problem goes away. If the problem does no go away, I'd check around the 64K RAM, video chip, and the color RAM. Take the 64 apart, plug it in, turn it on, and when the display shows glitch, press down on each of the chip to see if anything changes. Socketed chips varies and is very inconsistent, you most likely have socketed video chip and SID chip and nothing else so it will be lots of work to check and resolder. Since the error only exists in one column, it could be the issue with VIC


Oh yeah, if the problem shows only with FC inserted, power supply may be on the low side. I'd check if there's 5v DC, it shouldn't be lower than 4.75v under full load (5% tolerance) as those touchy chips can glitch and fail.

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