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SOLD! AV & Stereo Modded 2600 4 Switch Woody Starter Kit


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Bought this 4 switch 2600 off ebay listed "not tested" only thing wrong with it was dirty switches and some doinks on the case around the cart slot.

  • Scrubbed Case with warm water and dish soap, very clean!
  • Took apart all 7 switches and cleaned contacts with ultra fine ("polishing") scotch brite
  • Used rubbing compound on the aluminum switches to make them nice n shiny
  • Replaced 7805 Voltage regulator and added heat sink
  • Removed RF modulator and installed composite video mod featuring a THS7314 video buffer/driver/filter (TI version of the FMS6363 chip I normally use)
  • Added Stereo mod without bending pins on the TIA chip, channel select switch now switches from stereo and mono (over stereo connection) function
  • Added power on LED indicator
  • AV connections on back via standard RCA style plugs

System come with:

  • Pole Position Cart
  • Aftermarket power supply
  • Stereo AV cable
  • 1 brand new aftermarket joystick

Asking 75$ Shipped, USA and paypal only please







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