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Updating U1MB from Side2


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Hi all, I am trying (in vain at the moment) to update my 800xl's U1MB firmware using the following instructions and the latest firmware updates from Flashjazzcat's excellent website: Ultimate 1MB and Incognito BIOS and XEX Loader: User Manual (PDF)


In the instructions (again, using the L method to side load from U1MB), it references a firmware.atr. However, I cannot find a firmware.atr to load in the following roms: Ultimate 1MB Firmware Update 07-12-2016


I can load flash.xex with no problem, but when I try to point it to specific romsets, which I have placed in the same side2 directory as uflash.xex, I can't see any of the roms. In fact I don't see how I can "select" a location on the SIDE2 using this method -- I can only select d1 - dxxxx. What am I missing? For the most part, I have been trying to update the whole shebang with ultfull.rom, but as mentioned, I cannot "find it" from within uflash.xex.


Any clues?

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Ok, I created a Spartados formatted 720k atr (2880 blocks of 256 bytes) with MakeATR. I then added uflash.xex and ultfull.rom to the atr and copied it to the sd card. I loaded said atr in to d1: of the sio2sd, executed uflash.xex in spartados and I am now able to "see" the rom from uflash. Everything updated nicely and I now am up-to-date. Thank you Flashjazzcat!

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