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What are your top THREE favorite 5200 games?


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Just pick three, they can be 'classic', 'ports' or 'homebrews' games.


Let us know WHY they made your list... could it be simply gameplay or are there other reasons like artistic quality, complexity, simplicity, it's new, or something else?


Maybe if enough people answer we'll come up with an all-time favorite.



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I'm not sure if these three are my favorites, but they seem to be the games I end up spending the most time playing:


River Raid


I never got into this game on the 2600, but I absolutely adore the 5200 version. I never get sick of this.




Now this one I actually had on the 2600 as a kid, but I've come to prefer the 5200 version. The 5200 sticks are perfect for this and prefer them over the 2600 paddles.




I bought this on cartridge after spending some time with the ROM. I hated this game at first. I had the 2600 version in the old days and loved it, but the 5200 version just seemed off to me. At some point, this game just clicked with me and now it keeps me hooked for hours. The trak-ball control still seems a bit wrong to me compared to Centipede, but I've gotten used to it and won't play without it.


Honorable mentions:


Qix and Countermeasure


These were the first games I played on the system, and to me, they define it. I don't play them as much as I used to, but I still hold them in high regard.

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Hoo boy. Hard one! Let's see...


Defender: This is my favorite version. It's the same as the awesome A8 one, but with two buttons!

Qix: Again, a long-time fave on the A8, but this version has two buttons.

Star Raiders: This one has some small bugfixes versus the A8 original, plus it benefits from the analog controller as well as having all the controls at hand instead of switching from joystick to keyboard.


Honorable mentions:

Adventure II



Missile Command: Trak-ball, baby!

Robotron: 2084

Space Dungeon

Tempest: If this and Adventure II had been produced for the 5200 back in the day, it would have done much better against the competition.

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My list will be a little different...


I do agree that Star Raiders is an absolute must have and is a ton of fun to play on the 5200! It is cheap too so get it regardless of being a top three or not.


But my top three would be:


Rescue on Fractalus

Dreadnought Factor

Blaster - This is a near complete proto that you can have Al put on a cart for you.


My others that I consider must haves:

Xari Arena - but only with a CX53 trak-ball

Star Wars - The Arcade Game

Satan's Hollow - this is an 8-bit computer conversion but again, Al can put it on a cart if you ask.


While I love Pitfall II on the 2600, I don't like it nearly as much on the 5200 due to the controllers with that game. I've tried to play it and like it with stock good working 5200 controllers, and my Wico and...I don't know, just can't.

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I should say that all three of these make the list when played with self-centering joysticks, not the stock controllers.


1. Space Dungeon. Unique arcade ported only to the 5200 and PSP (?).

2. Robotron: 2084. Twitch gaming at its finest. Play with a Battlestation controller and two Masterplays (do this for #1 above, too).

3. Berzerk. Simple, elegant, perfect port with speech!

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3. Berzerk. Simple, elegant, perfect port with speech!


I forgot about that one! It's coin-op difficult. I love that about it, and it's absolutely what it should be on the 5200 SuperSystem. But I still play the 2600 version more, because I am a chicken! :)

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1. Joust . I have always had a great love and appreciation of this port. Its probably the 5200 game I've played the most.

2. Space Dungeon. Twin-stick awesomeness.

3. Qix. 5200 was the only place to play this game and its ability to make me gamble (when to cash in?) was addictive.


Honorable mentions.


Things have changed for me since the 80's. I'm tired of many of my 80's era favorites - I never play Defender , Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, or Vanguard anymore. I'd say Pac-Man Arcade and Tempest are fresh, new, and fun experiences. both are pretty tough though, I don't last long on either. I love on Tempest how (with a good analog stick) I can crawl slowly around the web, or zip very fast. 5200 control is great , but I prefer stick .


Also love Missile Command, River Raid, Megamania, Mario Bros, and Berzerk. And a little homebrew game with a yellow Kopter.

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1. H.E.R.O.
2. Thrust+ Platinum
3. Space Dungeon

* 7800 Robotron with Edladdin Supertwin 78



*** I apologize. when I answered this I didn't notice that it was 5200 specific. My top three favorite 5200 games are:


1. Space Dungeon

2. Missile Command

3. Defender


Honorable Mention:

Xari Arena with two trak-ball controllers

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Back in the day my three favorites were...











I wonder now that I'm getting back into the 5200, what my "new three favorites" will be. I'm going to look at all your suggestions first.

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Ya, for me it's


1) Star Raiders - favorite game especially with the analog joystick, easier than the Atari 800 version,

2) Tempest - my favorite arcade game finally on the 5200! Love the trak-ball option for it though I want to wire in a spinner,

3) Space Dungeon - I remember playing this with my best friend, we'd each have a controller, we'd take turns one player driving and the other shooting.


Honorable mention would go to Castle Crisis (with paddle controller) and Missile Command.

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I have to admit, since getting back into the 5200 I wonder how that game would play with one of those hand-held steering wheels. I used to have one for the PC back in the days when it had it's own joystick port. I bet one of those could be converted. It even had a trigger to speed up and slow down. It gave me some wicked scores in Need for Speed. Sadly I cant seem to find anything like that these days.


I agree analog control in that game was awesome.

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