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I worked some more on Oranges last night. There are now 5 oranges in the game. I have to put some more code in there to make sure the game doesn't form a wall of oranges. It SHOULD be easy to do with an "if (orange1x>150) && (orange2x>160) then orange2x++;" essentially having the second orange hold until the first orange gets to 150. I had a tough time already trying to get all 5 oranges be random. But now that I've done so, I need to tweak the code more so the orange wall doesn't happen. Found the DIV variable in the blog post earlier took up a little time trying to figure the oranges' speeds, so I put a "GET READY..." message while it's trying to figure it out. I got to go right now. My dog alerted me to the fact the mail carrier left a package in the courtyard. Inside was Rebooteroids.

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