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Double Dragon by Papa


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Here are two more levels done. I took a nasty burr off of his rotator cup (one gray dot on his knee). I've also changed the colors on the beginning of level two as to not clash with our hero. I find the last two levels to be particularly beautiful. Now I will focus on repopulating the screen with baddies and get into some interaction before adding any more levels. I may put this code out here for folks to play with before adding too much more. Someone may be able to use this for a myriad of games by just dropping in their own art. I'm usually very squeamish about giving out code as I feel it opens me up to ridicule of a deeper, more personal nature...


Anywho... Graphics with the 7800 is a BLAST!!


Thanks a LOT to Trebor and those behind 7800BASIC.












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I'm backing off of programming for a spell. I have to verify whether this thing stuck in my chest is a harpy dart or a blind angel arrow. Ignoring my ego, I would say I am going through a music phase.


I require specific instructions as to whether I should stay the course, or lean slightly toward the whirlpool.

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On 5/30/2020 at 10:13 AM, Jinks said:

Papa come back the 7800 needs you. 

Jinks--thank you for your kind words!


Papa is not a psycho, like someone has said.  He was going through a confusing, hard hard time and voiced his pain here (it was his only outlet at the time, and it was not pretty).  I am his wife and follow this thread, so I saw your comments in my email.


He has a ton of ideas (I can see the list, now, lol) and is working on several projects.  We've found a different outlet and path to take to make his games a reality, so if you are interested, you may send me a message. 



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