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10 Most fun 2600 games?


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Was going to make another thread, but I'll just watch this one.


I'm a VCS/2600 fan from like 1977, so I know the old games, but looking to see what new arcade quality games exist. And beyond that, the best games, period.


So would appreciate some suggestions of good arcade hacks and things that really use the Harmony Encore (just got that in).


So far my favorites are:


1 ) WARLORDS <--- Get four friends together, have a vicious time!!! But also fun one player.


2 ) Spyhunter

3 ) Star Raiders

4 ) Star Castle or Star Castle

5 ) Fast Eddie

6 ) Doctor Who Berzerk

7 ) DK VCS

8 ) 16K Wizard of Wor

9) Omega Race DC

10 ) Fix it Felix




Honorable mentions:

Zaxxon HD Demo

Games hacked by KevinMos3 to look better, which also includes Popeye.

Games hacked for the Atari Flashback Portable (great list of games that used weird controllers now using one.)

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My list of go-to VCS games. It would be neat if someone compiled some statistics from this thread!


Berzerk (this is a great zoner game, easy yet interesting, can play forever)


Space Invaders



Yars' Revenge

Demon Attack


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Stargate aka Defender II


I think all of these work OK on the Atari Flashback handheld, which is a big reason I like that thing.

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First 10 that popped in my head as 'go to' fun games:
Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-man
Adventures of Tron
Pitfall II - Lost Caverns
Dark Cavern
Haunted House
Cosmic Ark


Dark Cavern! Always forget about that game, but always enjoy it.

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