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Xenon 2 Charity Auction - Preview


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FINALLY everything has fallen into place and the charity auction we originally promised when the game launched, is just about ready to go! The aim is to have the auction go live on the 1st February and end on the 10th. All proceeds will go to http://www.kidneydiabetesresearch.com.au/so to see what you will get there are some pictures.













The Xenon 2 Games are all signed by Mike Montgomery from the Bitmap Brothers. The Bitmap Brothers Universe book is signed by the author and the T-shirts will be send in the size you require. I hope you agree this is a Xenon 2 spectacular auction with some nice one of a kind items. Again this will be the ONLY Clear case version of the game we will sell, the other auctions we run will be with a regular shell.


I will post the link to the auction here once it goes live.





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I wonder, I've never tried registering for UK eBay, but this auction definitely has me interested to look into it hehe. Good luck everyone! = )


You don't need to use the eBay UK site. Here is a link to the auction on the US site:





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I've just hit the donation over as the the winner has paid. With paypal exchange rate of £1 = £1.554 and a load more it work out to just under $913 Australian. So as I couldn't send the exact amount I sent the rounded up figure of $913. Will have another signed copy up next month, but in the regular cart shell. :D


And I don't think the winner is an AA member, but I could be wrong. ;-)

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