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I have converted Best Fun Pac-Man, Space Invaders and DreamGear units to Pi

Glen's Retro Show

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Hi everyone.


See my links below to see my converted

Best Fun 01 Pac-Man, 02 Space Invaders and DreamGear Arcade into RetroPi systems.


A few weeks ago I purchased a little bundle of handhelds and in that bundle was an MGA Centipede





I've not seen these little mini-arcades before and the very first thing that popped in my head when I saw this unit was to rebuild it with a Pi Zero and a little display.


It has 4 buttons along the bottom, so there should be plenty for functions, but I can see the dilemma of only having one fire button or having the left and right buttons be separate for A/B on separate sides of the joystick.


And the fake little coin slots look to be on a separate piece, and depending on what it looks like on the inside, there is a hope I can redo all that so there is a pushbutton behind it. Pressing the coin slots as a button would be a sleek enhancement.


The joystick feels like it is only a 4-way. I am not sure if there is a way to change it to 8-way, but 4-way isn't the end of the world.


Now that I see your videos I am more pumped to rebuild it, but I have a few other projects in the works and it'll some time before I can get to this one.

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Just a heads up, noted this in the other related 'Pi' thread, but look for Best Fun/The Bridge Direct Walmart sold #3 and #4 Centipede and Q-Bert. They're a little fatter than the PM/SI units but are a bit more durable. Cenitpede has your 2 buttons on the right and stick on the left so it feels right. The dumb molding around the stick is in a + shape but I think filing that down with a dremel would fix that. I think it would be most ideal for your project perhaps. These are NOAC units with 1 game on there and a normal LCD screen inside, maybe it could be harvested.

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