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What are reasonable prices for this Atari equipment?


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I have a bunch of Atari equipment I'm thinking about selling. But I have no clue what it's worth these days. Looking on ebay I see prices all over the map


The components I'm thinking of selling, If you have a good ballpark price let me know. It's generally good working condition with little or no physical damage, just yellowing.



​Atari 800XL

1050 Drive

410 Cassette Drive

850 Interface

A bunch of replacement keyboards - got these from Toad Computers when they shut down.

A trackball, don't know the model, but has XL-era styling



1040STe upgraded to TOS 2.06 + 4mb RAM

External hard drive case with Adscsi + two drives with total capacity of about 160mb

External floppy drive

Color monitor (forgot the model number)

Monochrome monitor

a box of replacement floppy drive mechanisms with ST bezels (again from Toad Computer when they shut down)


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You going to do the whole lot or by piece? I was kicking around getting an 850 for fun and the trackball might be a nice to have. Where u at?

Toad Computers. Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time (say this like ol' Ben Kenobe).


I'd consider selling it either separate or bundled. I'm in Massachusetts.


Yup Toad Computer in MD. :) I was in PA at the time and they used to have an annual holiday event that a few friends and I would make a pilgrimage to every year. Then when they closed down, I got several boxes of stuff cheap that I never even used

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Just got my 850, 2 external ST drives, and some extra floppy mechs. Zzip was a pleasure to work with and he was very accommodating. Sometime people can be a little prickly when it come to getting rid of stuff but he and I worked out what was best for my needs. He even found a way to keep the shipping under $20 and his price was more that reasonable (even took $5 off of his original asking price).


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