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atari2600land's Blog - Jaguary 2017


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Well, this is turning out to be a great month for my Jaguar. Not only did I get Rebooteroids, I also won an auction for Rayman. It came today. I probably overpaid, but at least now I got it at an affordable price and I don't have to buy any on eBay with a manual nor box I don't care about. Gee, expensive Jaguar games aren't all that expensive once you take away the box and manual. In fact, I have about a half-dozen Jaguar game boxes in my room right now. I have a box full of empty game boxes in the pantry. There's this little room between my room and the garage. We call it the pantry. Kind of cold to be a pantry. It's where the water heater is. Anyway, that's where I keep a few gaming related items, like my DS game collection. I'm thinking of selling my DS game collection. Well, not all the DS games, just the ones I don't play. Anyone interested? At last count, I had nearly 200 DS games. That is too many. I used to be on a DS kick when it was out and games were being made for it, but since it stopped, my interest kind of faded. Wait, I was talking about the Jaguar. So anyway, the Rayman cart works great. I haven't had a chance to play it yet. In fact I need to set up a time for me to stop programming games and start playing them. I have too many games taking up room. I figure why not play them? That's what their use is.

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