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Genesis labels vs megadrive labels....


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This is a question for megadrive collectors around the world. About half of my genesis games have that label thing where the glue seems to turn greasy the labels get a sort of oily translucent look, and some wrinkle and peel. I have 2 megadrive titles. Kid chameleon and sonic 2 I noticed neither of these have the issue. Just curious if you guys got better glue over there, or if you have the same issue and I just got lucky with these two?...


Oh yea other odd thing is my megadrive sonic 2 cart came in a Genesis clamshell. Im fairly certain they go together because they the game and the case have the same not for resale sticker. Is this normal?

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I can't speak to the label issues (sounds like the same "actiplaque" that affects Activision cartridges), but I do know that Sonic 2 was a pack-in for a while, hence the not for resale sign -- not that any secondhand store cared for one instant.


I wonder if there are any print experts who could speak to the paper content question? Seems that some labels would have a different amount of clay or plastic in the paper, or different types of adhesive. We need some 3M chemical engineers up in this joint, but we're all too game-addled for such serious studies here.

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