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Will Nintendo Switch fit inside a Lynx I carry pouch?

Andromeda Stardust

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I was reading this article on NintendoLife and was curious if it would fit in a Lynx I case.



I think the length is about right with the joycons attached. Gonna try it when I get mine! :grin:


For reference, a Switch tablet versus the Wii-U Gamepad (sorry no Lynx pix):



The Switch tablet is a lot thinner than a Lynx so even if it's slightly taller, it might still fit.


I'm prolly gonna use the sweet carry pouch that comes with Zelda BOTW LE, but having been on a Lynx binge lately, it caught my mind. :P

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I'm a big sucker for hipster retro shit (I rocked a silicone gameboy case on some early iPhones), but this seems a bridge too far.


Wouldn't you rather have your new $300 gadget fit snugly, in a properly protective case?


Then again, here I am driving around in a modern, efficient, safe car like a bougie pig instead of in a cool 1980's IROC

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