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So I ran across my old CDs of me playing video game music on the keyboard. There are 2 of them. They're called "Reality Bytes" and "E.T.-Cetera." A while back I thought I'd make a third one called "I 8-Bits of Food." Because "I 8-bit of Food" wouldn't work. So I got around to recording about half of it and then forgot. I made a song tonight. I audio recorded the track for Mario Kart 64 playing its Rainbow Road theme. Then I took the recording of the game and tried to find the notes for it so I could play it on the keyboard. It was hard but I eventually figured out the notes for it. Playing it however I had to spend a whole lot of time since I am not used to playing things in the key of E major. So mistake after mistake and turning off and back on the audio recorder ensued. But I finally got it right. The track was 9 minutes long, so I cut half of it out and edited some minor mistakes and was left with 4:43. I wish my dumb audio recorder was better (worse?) I don't know why but sometimes it picks up a sound that sounds like I'm sighing or gasping for air. I never do either of those things playing the keyboard. And I don't know why they happen or how to edit them out. So the first two tracks had 9 songs on them, so I think I'd better do 9 for this one as well. I recorded #6 tonight. So I spent about an hour on one track.

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