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Help. Alien vs Predator 2 players


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I have 2 lynxes.
1 alien vs predator cartridge. Atari%20Lynx%20Alien%20vs.%20Predator%20
1 SD cartridge with rom Alien vs Predator
I turn on the Lynx 1
I turn on the Lynx 2
it works! I read two players
They select for marine for Lynx 1 and predator for Lynx 2
I confirm. Screen goes black but feel the game.

Sorry for my English.
use an automatic translator.

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Use the patched version which enabled the alien without comlynx.

or you have to write (with an emulator) the correct values at teh correct addresses.

This has been discussed in this forum some years ago.


PS: All available AvP versions can be patched (and I did so). But not sure which of them is "public".

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There is only one version of AVP that has been publically released by just rom or board. It's the same one that's been available for years. Unless someone can prove me wrong on this.


It's the same version you can download right here from the AA lynx game section.


Sage, any possibility you can take that version, since it's the only one available to the public, convert it and post it for us not so programming savvy people?


Thank you either way!

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