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Successfully Replaced C241 with a .1uF 50V - Picture Interference Fixed!


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Yay! Received a 4 switch woodgrain from eBay a few weeks ago, and whilst it basically works, it would tend to have the picture go b/w then get a thumbprint kind of effect that makes it unusable for playing games. This seemed to match the symptoms for the C241 mylar film cap going out.


Anyways, after a trip to Fry's for a soldering iron, I used the iron and some desoldering wick to desolder the cap, remove it, then resolder a 0.1uF 50V in it's place. Now the console seems to have been cured of it's issue with interference ruining the picture, and I was able to play through a few waves of asteroids.bin and missile command!


I actually bought the 50V instead of the 100V, but as I doubt there's anything like those voltages running around, I felt ok to use it.


Going to put the board back in the case now and do a bit of a soak test.




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