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Your couch doesn't go with that Intellivision

Guest LiqMat

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So I as I travel I try to plan seeing computer and video game museums around the US of A. The Strong in Rochester, NY is my favorite so far (second floor only though). Thinking about checking out the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, TX in the spring. Anyone been? I see that Nolan Bushnell is on the board. Pretty cool.


I really have an issue in this 360 shot with the Miami Vice 80s couch they paired with the Intellivision in the 70s looking family room so I have my reservations.



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I have some old arcade games in the dining room and an intellivision with an LTO flash drive ready to go if you're ever in Chapel Hill NC. $5 and I'll let you play all the Steeple Chase and Asteroids you want. :)


If I could have the $15 buffet option and as long as you don't serve NC style BBQ I'm game. That whole vinegar thing is just all kinds of wrong.

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