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Amiga 500 Rev 5 with 8370 Agnus (Swapping to 8371)


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I scored a really mint Amiga 500 and 1080 monitor (both boxed!) last week locally for $150. I have since added an HxC floppy emulator to it and carefully packaged away the original internal drive as I don't plan on using disks....just images to play games. It is not yellowed at all and looks like it have never really been used. It is using Kickstart v1.2 which is cool as it is just like my first A500 :) It is a unit with a 8370 Agnus (NTSC hardcoded) with no PAL abilities unfortunately. After much reading, it appears I can swap the 8370 NTSC agnus with a PAL 8371 agnus, so I found and ordered one for the amazing low price of $4 :)


I have been reading online in some forums that while some people recommend changing the oscillator to a PAL version, others say it will not matter much as it is still within video tolerances. I have a good PLCC extractor so I guess it won't hurt to just try it. Has anyone here tried popping a PAL 8371 into a REV 5 board with an 8370 NTSC before? Just curious as to your results. Essentially I am fine with completely turning into a PAL machine if this works as I expect it to.

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