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atari2600land's Blog - Jaguar programming attempt: Take 2


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So I got to thinking about Jaguar programming again. Last night I downloaded some (apparently ancient, yet the AA Forums post told me it was the correct place) files to help me. I am having a horrible time with this. Even though it's supposed to be a BASIC language to work in. After a few hours of being angry, I finally got the title screen sequence working. Next up: Sound. So what is the stickman going to do? You guide Stickman, a stick figure, away from the evil erasers who want to erase him. The erasers move randomly across the screen and your job is to move Stickman so he doesn't get erased. I can't figure out the print function yet, I tried putting it in and it didn't display anything. I am (eventually) going to use the print function as the score. Here is a screenshot for those of you with no Jag emulator:

This was an idea I thought of: Have a fake title screen, then have Stickman come along and change it to the correct one. I thought a game about walruses would be interesting, but not right now.

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