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HSC14 Round 2 Poll

Round 2 will start after round 1 - genius!  

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  1. 1. See post below for details of games / *bonus game ideas

    • Gateway to Apshai
    • Mr Robot and His Robot Factory*
    • Matta Blatta & Air-Raid
    • Topper
    • Getaway*

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Round 2 Poll

The poll for round 2 is here! A couple of the runner up games from round 1 are included in the 5 choices. I'm trying to keep a mixture of game types in each poll. If I have concerns a game might not be enough to keep us busy for the 2 week period I might double up the selection.


Polls overlap with the current round and end at the same time; so Round 1 is still OPEN for your scores. If you've not done so already, feel free to add some games to the play list thread and they will appear at some point in the season :)


Checkout Atarimania for more info on the games. If you need any help getting things to work post here or send me a message :)


Gateway to Apshai


Arcade adventure/explorer? Not a game I know so here are some comments from atarimania's Demonweed (18/12/2016) Instructions also on Atarimania.
This is a true jewel in the collection. Long before Nethack, and not long after Rogue itself, here was a real time rogue-like game. Gear, spells, monsters, traps -- all the key elements are in place. The balance is exquisite in terms of fun factor.

Fandal XEX

Mr Robot & His Robot Factory


Quality platformer. Played several times here, bit too easy for top players and fairly tricky for beginners but still great fun. Beginners can skip over difficult screens if needed. We will check out "Mr Robot Plus" as a bonus which has additional levels by Goochman and myself.

Fandal XEX

Matta Blatter & Air Raid


I've put these two horizontal scrollers in together - I don't know the games.

Matta Blatter atarimania: Matta Blatta , Fandal XEX

Air Raid: Atarimania , Fandal XEX



Atarimania , Fandal XEX

Crazily fun jumping game, probably the best one ;)



"Collect" the money and take it to your hideout avoiding the law. There is a New Map for Getaway from the pod cast guys" PlayerMissile" and "Inverse Atascii" so we can play that as a bonus. You can also create your own using the tool provided :thumbsup:

Atarimania Getaway , Fandal XEX

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Getaway is excellent, and with a new map too!

New players - a bit of cheer-leading in the poll is all part of the fun ;)


The question is whether to vote early to encourage others to go for your pick, if it's a two horse race you might hold off and wait, or just to vote for your favourite and that way it might make the next poll if if doesn't win :-D

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On the Commode, I think I spent more time with the level editor than actually playing the game, so sure it could be fun to play Mr Robot for real. On the other hand, I never really played Gateway to Apshai neither, just tried it briefly. I am more of a Sword of Fargoal guy, but Jeff McCord apparently never was coaxed by Epyx to release the game for Atari computers.

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