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Do you own and run a STEALTH computer or game unit?


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Let's face a little reality, many at Atari Age are into "Retro" big time. Some of us have game rooms, man-caves, or dens but they may have become a little 'crowded'. So in your attempts to 'encroach' on other territories in the home, have you employed 'stealth tactics' to ensure domestic bliss?


Have you successfully hidden in plain sight a computer or gaming unit that within a moments notice can be used and enjoyed? If you have, I'd love to see a couple of photos of your hidden/before and visible/during photos.


The ideas and examples you share here, may insure domestic tranquility for others!


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I guess I don't qualify. We have a 5 bedroom house, so that affords enough space for a dedicated game room and a dedicated computer room. As such, the only other gaming stuff I have that isn't in one of those two rooms are:


My wife's NES sits disconnected on the bottom shelf of the TV stand in the bedroom but could be connected up via composite pretty quickly if wanted.


And my 5 arcade cabs I have in the garage. But the deal on those is that as long as there is room for the lawn stuff and my wife's car, then the cabs are okay. LOL!! Seems like a more than fair compromise.

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