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Altirra 2.80 - John Andersons Rally Speedway, Trax Disk Cant Save Help


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Hi All,


I've been playing John Anderson's Rally Speedway and want to create my own tracks. I've created the a new track but I can save it :(


Has anyone managed to to create a Trax Disk in Altirra that works.


I keep getting reported "Disk Error" :-(


I'm using the RS ATR from:



Is there some sort of procedure to make this work in Altirra. Or am I just being plain dumb :dunce:


Best regards.




PS Altirra amazing bit of software and has brought back so many fond memories of my yoof in 1983.



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Is there any documentation on the data format? I noticed the Atari version supports 18 tracks per disk and the C64 version supports 24 tracks. Given that each track seems to consist of 32x25 elements and direction pointers, where each element is one of 31 possible shapes, it seems to be a very verbose or sparse format. Also both formats appear to save the tracks to fixed disk blocks/sectors rather than DOS compatible files. While that shouldn't complicate it too much for anyone looking to make an external track editor, one would have to go through the disk blocks to find out which are used and for what.

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