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Dragon's Lair - Homebrew


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Okay, i am NOT a code guy and NOT creating this game. Watching all you guys post about homebrews and whatnot i thought to myself "I wonder what an Intelly Homebrew of Dragon's Lair might look like"


So i will just leave this here :-)


I know the Intellivision is incapable of giving the arcade proper justice but still love to see and play a version of it if its even possible. Heck, Treasure Of Tarmin was the 1st of its kind (i think) so anything's possible....right?


Okay day dream over and back to work....



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Yeah, really. The appeal of the original was the cartoon graphics (certainly it was not the lame "quicktime-event" action).


It reminds me of Marble Madness, another very popular arcade game which relied on graphics and great physics simulations and controls. When ported to 8-bit micros, it seems like a weird isometric version of Pac-Man, and it was mostly awkward to play.

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Always thought these were pretty neat... Play pixel perfect versions of the games on your regular DVD player:




Thats pretty cool! Thanks. I sucked at the arcade version of it. Damn cabinet kept eating my quarters!!!!

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I don't know about the home versions but the arcade Dragons Lair was not much of a video game. It was an interactive cartoon with almost no gameplay. It came with alot of hype that quickly disappeared and we went back to playing Missile Command and Defender.

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Anyone have it on Wii? Been meaning to get it....


Dragon's Lair Trilogy





$35 for a used, beat up example? No thanks. For $30, you can get this:




Can even skip the game part and just watch the entire thing play out like a movie.



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The DVD copy really is not the best way to play the game. The moves and timings are not right.


However, if you get that DVD set with Dragon's Lair 1 and 2 and Space Ace, you can rip the video to use with the Daphne emulator. That gives a much more faithful result.


There was a remastered HD blu ray edition which looks great. But again the gameplay isn't faithful.


- James

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