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Intellivision NFL Football vs Super Pro Football


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Intellivision NFL Football was one of the original games released in 1980. Mattel may have considered it to be their flagship game positioning it to be the pack-in game at launch. It had nine offensive and nine defensive formations that people could select by number from the printed playbooks. The receiver's pattern was selected from one of nine from the playbook. It was a two player only game.


In 1986 INTV released Super Pro Football, a modified version of the original football game. Offensive and defensive formations were similar to the original but selected from on screen geaphics. A major difference was receivers patterns had to be programmed on the fly requiring keying in every step the player makes. This game also added skill levels per team and could be played by one player against the computer.


Then there was Super NFL Football by Mattel Electronics in 1983 and never released. How does it compare?


Besides being able to play against the computer, NFL and Super Pro are similar. I found having to key in the receivers every step in Super Pro annoying and preferred the original NFL Football. What do you guys think?


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NFL Football was my favorite, and I agree with mr_me's assessment of the three football games. Having to key in all of the receiver's steps in Super Pro is a pain. Super NFL Football seems to combine the best of the earlier two games plus add features. Even though it's not perfect, I recommend Super NFL if you have an ECS or can emulate it with jzintv.

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