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Kaverns of Kfest game


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Today, at 45 years old, I achieved a childhood dream by making an Atari game in assembly language: Kaverns of Kfest.


I created Kaverns of Kfest for the Apple // at KansasFest 2016, where it won the Hackfest contest. I said on the ANTIC podcast that I wanted to port it to the Atari 800, and Peter Dell harassed me to actually do it. Then he showed me how to do it. The Atari version is better than the Apple // version, of course.


Play it! Here's the XEX file: Kaverns of Kfest.xex

Source code: https://github.com/atari800/Kaverns/blob/master/KavernsA81.1.asm

For the lazy, here's a video:

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Looks great if you want to take it further you can randomize the bits within the caverns fill characters and it will give it a more hi res look... a common thing to do. add a little distortion to the the plink maybe shorter duration and bobs your uncle... I think it's wonderful. fun little game.

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