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Ultimate bios/ loader problems


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My setup is Atari 800 XL, Ultimate 1MB + SIDE2 cartridge. I have flashed everything with the latest firmware from here: http://atari8.co.uk/firmware/ultimate-1mb/.


I'm having issues with ATR loading from the SIDE2.


First of all, the ATR swap button on the SIDE2 does not seem to be working at all (although it's enabled in the ultimate setup)! I tried some multiple disk games (eg. Pirates of the Barbary Coast and Rails West) and the disk just won't swap when I'm prompted to do it.


Secondly, some games (eg. Alternate Reality the City, as well as the Dungeon) won't load from ATR, they just freeze at some point.


I think I'm doing everything correctly - first I mount multiple disks (D1:, D2:, etc.). In the loader menu I can see them as mounted volumes, then I launch D1:.


Anyone experiencing similar issues? Is there any way to fix it?


Thanks for help in advance!

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Okay this is odd, the ATR swap button (on the SIDE2) doesn't appear to be working on either my 800XL or the 1200XL using the Loader and mounting multiple images.


Both using a SIDE2 cart (switching to another SIDE2 cart doesn't seem to change anything) and both with the latest firmware. Swap is enabled in the PBI BIOS settings section.


Please tell me I'm missing something stupid... :) Reflashing the Main BIOS, PBI BIOS and XEX Loader firmware had no effect.

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That seems to have made the difference, thanks!

Great. "Drive 1 Swap" is a clone of the same feature on the IDE Plus 2.0 (when enabled, all IO requests to "D1:" are redirected to the drive number assigned to "Boot drive", and vice versa. Both must be HDD partitions).

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I think I'll call it "Do not turn on". :)

If you do that, people will be inclined to push it. Just like wet paint - you HAVE to touch it to see, then you get pissed, because someone should have warned you to not touch the wet paint.

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