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Second Dimension Updates & Releases


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Hey everyone! I wanted to start a thread with all of the Second Dimension info in one location rather than have a thread for each game/release/publication I do, and also a place to give information on any currently in progress projects.


The Second Dimension Website:


First, I'd like to talk about the website a little bit. The website is completely written in PHP using a MySQL back-end. The platform is a custom platform, called the Affinity Web Engine, which was designed to be modular to make it easier to implement new features and to update modules without taking the entire site down (plus, I set up a test server to do all my testing in anyway). The latest update was in December with the new eShop and inventory management system. This module is called Einstein (previous known as Newton). What this allows is a dynamic system that adjusts inventory when items are purchased. For example, if you purchase 10 Genesis PCB's, the quantity available for any game will be reduced by 10 if they use that part. This allows me to do a "print on demand" type of service, rather than make a specific set of copies of a game and designate a separate stock of inventory. It's pretty robust, though the end user never sees or knows any of this. Along with that, though, is whenever you purchase anything off of the site, it creates an invoice/order item that is updated each step of the way. If you're logged in, you'll be able to check the status with more detail (and if you order without being logged in, I can assign the order to a user account).


The next thing about the website is any game I publish or release that has any kind of achievement system will be supported through 2LINK. What is 2LINK? It's a system that lets you enter in the passwords, or codes, to show off your progress on the Second Dimension website. Currently one game is supported - Bomb on Basic City for the Genesis, but future titles will also support this feature, such as Handy Harvy.


The Games:


The games are the heart of Second Dimension, and the reason why I got into this business. Currently 2 games are available - Bomb on Basic City for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, and AO for the NES. I have 3 more games slated for release this year before summer time: Get'em Gary on the Nintendo NES, Handy Harvy on the Sega Genesis, and Socks the Cat on the Super Nintendo.


Bomb On Basic City:




Bomb on Basic City was developed by Vetea of Studio Vetea, and is inspired by Bomb on Pixel City by Gamopat Studios (both of which are excellent people), and is a very addicting arcade style game on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Filled with humor, hidden modes of play, and unlockable features that tweak the game play, this title will have you playing for hours. An unlockable 2 player mode is also available in the game so you and a friend can go head to head against each other, where player 2 controls the C++ ground units and the goal is to shoot Papi down before he destroys the buildings and the C++ units!


You can view the official Bomb on Basic City Trailer here:


For additional information and game play videos: http://second-dimension.com/shop/product/17






AO is a puzzle game where you control a brick, and your goal is to stand the brick in the goal pit to advance to the next level. The brick has 2 different positions: laying down (takes up 2 floor tiles) and standing up (takes up 1 floor tile). You have to maneuver the brick around the game board without falling off, and in some instances, obstacles or weak floors will block your passage. You start off with a score of 999, and as you progress, the score decreases. You can still finish the game even with the score at 0, so it's really just a way to track how well you do to progress through all of the 30+ levels.


You can also play 2 player mode, which is a race to the finish. Whoever finishes all of the boards first wins!


Official Trailer: Currently being worked on


Additional information: http://second-dimension.com/shop/product/16

Game Play Video:


AO was a purchase off of another developer, nemesys, as a means for Second Dimension to enter the world of NES games/releases.


Upcoming Releases:


Here's a list of what's coming up in 2017!


Get'em Gary:



Get'em Gary is an arcade style game for the NES, inspired by games such as Donkey Kong, Wrecking Crew, and Disney's fictional game Fix-It Felix Jr. You control Gary, and your goal is to repair all of the windows with your mystical squeegee and close the shutters while avoiding the objects Rusty throws down on you (bombs, Genesis consoles, and bowling balls). As you progress up the building, the levels become more challenging, and if you make it far enough, additional challenges await you!


The Limited Edition (seen above) has been released, and was a small/limited release (a few copies remain, though, and will be for sale on the website when the Regular Edition is available). The items that come with the LE are:

  • A CIB copy of the game with Limited Edition artwork (limited to this release, partner releases, and review/demo copies only)
  • A poster of the LE artwork that is 18" by 24" in dimensions, on high quality poster paper (an option of having it folded or mailed separately is available)
  • A knitted skull/beanie cap with Gary on the front (it's very warm and comfy - I've been rocking it all the time this winter)
  • A bomb stress ball, because who doesn't like bomb stress balls?
  • A gummy turbo burger (the powerup in the game)
  • A one page comic to give some backstory on the characters

Get'em Gary will be available in the upcoming weeks, as it was one of the games included with the Socks the Cat kickstarter tiers. It's also on Steam Greenlight (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842594443)


The Steam/PC version is the actual NES game, just modified to work with Gradual Games GGvm, a virtual machine platform to run NES games (the ROM data in this version isn't complete, so reproductions of this version would result in a soundless game).


Get'em Gary is Second Dimensions first NES game, and was programmed by Roth of Sly Dog Studios.


Official Trailer: In progress

Game Play Video:


Get'em Gary is a single player only game.


Handy Harvy:




Handy Harvy is the sequel to Get'em Gary, and on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. You play as Harvy and you have to save your girlfriend Leah from Rusty, who is now the leader of the local gang "The Mad Bombers". Handy Harvy takes place over a decade after Get'em Gary, so your powerups are, well, beer! There are some game play differences in Handy Harvy that aren't available in Get'em Gary:

  • You can rappel/hang off of balconies, which lets you avoid bomb blasts, as well as dodging kites in later stages
  • Closing the window shutters are optional
  • 2 player co-op mode!
  • Awards/Achievements
  • Cut scenes

Handy Harvy is currently in development. I'm programming this title, and I'm about 75% complete with the coding (just about all of the mechanics are in place, and I'm considering a surprise mode of game play!)


Official Trailer: Not currently available

Game Player/Development Progress Video:


Other Games:


Socks the Cat may or may not be available after the Kickstarter orders are filled. As soon as I know, I'll let you all know :) I also have another NES title slated for 2017, but I'm not ready to announce that just yet, as I want to do something special for the release.


Other Items:


Second Dimension offers additional items that allow you to make your own physical copies of your games. I currently offer NES NROM-256 PCB's, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive PCB's for 2 MB or 4 MB games, as well as SRAM games, and also Sega Genesis replacement cartridges and cardboard cartridge trays.


Additional Information:


While I program games for Second Dimension, I've also worked on several commission projects, one of which was the port of Retroscribe's Blow'em Out for the Sega Genesis, and continue to work on projects with other retro companies as well as individuals who just want a game made for themselves.


You can also follow me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Second-Dimension/871101212913007), Twitter (https://twitter.com/alteredimension), and on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFbb4VE48OphSYNkjmbRFSg)


Feel free to post feedback on anything, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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The version that comes with the Kickstarter is the regular edition, but anyone who backed a tier with Get'em Gary will also get a Steam key if/when the game is Greenlit to use or pass to someone who you think will enjoy the game. The reason for this is the LE was incredibly expensive to put together, and we didn't want to compete against the Second Dimension titles, which is why there weren't any tiers with Get'em Gary or Handy Harvy exclusive.


If you backed a tier with a CIB of Get'em Gary, you'll get a reduced size comic that will fit into the NES box, which won't be offered anywhere else, and I'm thinking of something extra to add in as well for the Kickstarter group :)


ETA: If you want to upgrade to an LE, send me a PM and we'll work something out. There's only 7 LE available (only 30 were made, 25 of which were available, as 5 are going to the dev team and Second Dimension investors)

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